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Jun 22, 2014
postseason "B" semifinal
EC Lawrence #1
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06/22/14 10:00
06/22 : Northmen wins B semifinal vs Infamous 28-21

Northmen improves to 2-0 in the postseason, while Infamous exit at 2-1.

This is the most points scored in a game this season by NorthmenThe victory continues a 5 game winning streak for Northmen which now stands at 6 wins in a row.

The loss ended a 3 game winning streak for Infamous. This is the most points scored in a game this season by Infamous.Prior to this game, these teams had met only one other time, on May 18 2014, 10:00, a IFFL - Reston Spring League "B" regular season game which Northmen won 7-6.

Gametime temperature was a mild 71 degrees under overcast skies.


06/23/14 12:56
This game should have been the championship.


06/23/14 14:59
Are you serious? These two teams were not CLOSE to being the best teams in B, and are actually two of the lower tier teams.


06/23/14 15:31
Clearly you have no clue what you`re talking about, or you`re just salty.


06/23/14 15:53
Dude did you even see the game? Double overtime, very physical, back and forth. Random people were stopping to watch.

"Best teams in B?" Who are your best teams? #1 seed Choppa got knocked off by Infamous. Didn`t see it but heard it from the parking lot, and Tiger Style got sent home by Northmen. I hope you didn`t consider them your best.

Infamous Player

06/23/14 16:14
Being a player from one of those teams, please feel free to let us know if you would like to scrimmage any of us. @ LOL- CHOP was missing there QB, but the game with Northmen
was great to be apart of.

Snuggle Bear

06/23/14 16:56
And the QB for Infamous should have been thrown out of the game for cheating!!!! Don`t say he didn`t know what he was doing, because he clearly did!


06/23/14 23:17
QB on Infamous had cut flags, so they were a few inches shorter.


06/24/14 07:14
QB did have cut flags, and the ref said he could either be tossed or a personal foul, and left it up to Northmen to decide. Northmen said the penalty. The QB from Infamous had to change his flags, but he should have been tossed from the game. Clearly trying to get an advantage by making his flags shorter.


06/24/14 10:01
Long flags, cut flags, A,B,C or D it was a great playoff game with infamous. We all talked afterwards how it would have been fun to watch.

Space Cowboy

06/24/14 11:22
That is all fine and dandy, coach. Cheatin is cheatin, and that sounds a bit like cheatin.

Let it go

06/24/14 11:33
Took the flags off before anyone scored, we got a good game, fans enjoyed it, players enjoyed it. I want to see it happen again in its entirety.

Let it be

06/24/14 11:36
Its on the ref... a week before we
had a team have a player that play an
hour before. We Sucked it up and played on. And every year I play in this league playoff teams are always "STACKED UP" and no one says anything. It was a great game to watch...


06/24/14 22:58
there is a lot of border line things that teams try to get away with . Not the first time players "TRIM" the flags or used some other "METHODS" to make the flags harder to pull and teams are always bringing in ringers or swapping players so why worry ?


06/25/14 22:26
Been in the league a long time and didn`t know about this. Pretty pathetic and low life losers who would stoop to the level of down right cheating in flag football.


11/24/14 00:31
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