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Apr 27, 2014
regular season "A"
EC Lawrence #2
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04/27/14 09:00
04/27 : ScarFace beats TMT 14-10

ScarFace improves to 3-0 early in the season, while TMT drops to 3-1.

The victory continues a 2 game winning streak for ScarFace which now stands at 3 wins in a row.

The loss ends a 3 game winning streak for TMT.

Prior to this game, these teams had met only one other time, on Nov 10 2013, 12:00, a IFFL - Reston/Fairfax Fall League "A" playoff championship game which ScarFace won 17-7.

Next up for ScarFace is Stone Cold (3-0). That game is scheduled for May 04 2014, 08:00 at EC Lawrence #2.

TMT will face off against Ruckus (0-2) on May 04 2014, 10:00 at EC Lawrence #2.


04/27/14 10:16
This game was definitely for the fans. TMT up 10-0 with 7 minutes left in the game and scarface comes back and scores twice. These two teams will probably be in the championship


04/27/14 16:16
Haha ok let me get this straight you were there and the game was garbage and you are pointing out the fact that SC is solid....haha ok!

Dominating DL

04/27/14 19:43
A lot of games look like garbage when you play against a DL like Scarfaces. Those Collision guys are the best in any of the leagues- weeknight, weekend, Co-ed (lol).


04/28/14 00:32
I thought tmt said they weren`t going to lose a game this year omg

I was playing

04/28/14 07:34
If you`re talking about zach`s brother, he was there but he didn`t play yesterday. I agree with you all the other times he has played though.


04/28/14 08:54
Im sure TMTs real team is Weeknights, but it was a good game against scarface which is a very good team. Looks like TMT were missing their whole Oline. Let`s see how they bounce back after this loss


04/28/14 10:14
Tmt I`m telling silky right now. Y`all in trouble lol


04/28/14 10:33
Lol oh Silky been bashing us about it. We gave up a 10-0 lead with less than 10 minutes. We deserved to lose. Scarface was the better team yesterday. We will see them or Stonecold in the championship and thats when we won`t lose.


04/28/14 10:42
I thought y`all had the high flying offensive and y`all only score ten? Will y`all lose again this year....the answer is yes. Y`all can recruit all y`all want the good players on your team don`t care about your team lol

Silky Johnson (CVFA)

04/28/14 10:46
A messageboard?!! These things still exist ?!

Nova you got all that money and turf fields and you still stuck in 1990.....

TMT coach silky ain`t bash you please believe silky if he was bashing you you wouldn`t have "lol"in your comment. TMT still the homies silky don`t care if you lose just reporting the facts. Also if you going to say you won`t lose all year you better not be having two different rosters that`s a lot of pressure for a B team to uphold so whoever you put on the field better be ready to go. TMT deep enough they shouldn`t get the oh that wasn`t the real TMT excuse if they got your name then it`s TMT in silky opinion


04/28/14 11:09
Lol we got Silky on the messageboard, things are about to light up! Josh please make Silky his own log in name lol. No excuses on our loss, we lost.

Silky Johnson (CVFA)

04/28/14 15:56
This messageboard and Facebook thing too much work for ol silky haha

Yo Silky

04/28/14 16:47
you a bama silky, cant ball out. all you do is chitter chatter like a lil girl. get off tmt junk lady

Zacks brother

04/28/14 17:19
Why didnt he play?

SC Big T #00

04/29/14 09:47
This is not even my team`s game, but a good thread nonetheless. Both of these teams are solid, and I love to see this level of competition in our league. This is why our league is better than the other one down the block. You have teams doing whatever they can to win. That`s what get`s dudes juiced up every Sunday to play.

Kamal...don`t worry about the folks hating because you put top level competitors on the field. If you got the stroke, get whoever you want. One request...get some NFL lineman on your team so an old man can compete against that level talent. That is what I play for, bro. Talent across that 1 yard stick.

Recognize that strong teams make our league elite, fellas. The other league comes here and down at state and get stomped. The comp is not even close. The guys from that league end up in "B" and "C" talking about themselves under anonymous post names.

Gotta get my chondroitin working this morning. I`ll be ready Sunday. SCAD

Holy cow

04/29/14 12:51
I think Big T has a woody, thinking about dudes juiced, stroked and 1 yard.

SC Big T #00

04/29/14 13:06
Ha ha. That was funny. Almost. Try again, please. This time try to bypass the obvious "he`s gay" joke. It`s tired.

SC Big T #00

04/29/14 13:17
I am so tired of being discriminated against for having a yard long woody. I thought this board would be different. You have outed me, and this is my cross to carry. You wound me, Sir.


04/29/14 14:14
so is TMT 0-2 vs scar/gameface?


04/29/14 20:25
0-2 vs scarface but they have beaten Gameface before


04/30/14 15:21
1-2 if you count tournament games.


04/30/14 16:24
who cares...

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